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Welcome to BetflixGr

I am Alexandros, or “Alekaras” as you’ve named me!

What you are reading at this moment is the first article of the website you have in front of you, which was created upon your suggestion and encouragement!

I am very happy and excited for this project, and I am full of enthusiasm for new challenges and goals!

I want this site to serve multiple purposes and reasons for visiting. It’s not just another page with predictions like many out there. Here, you will be able to find articles and news from current events (not just from me but also from all of you!), which will be updated on a regular and specific basis (you know how much I love to write). All of this with a simple click in the “News” category.

Regarding the predictions, since this is how it all began, here’s how things are. In the “Predictions” section, you can see the daily tips, depending on the package you’ve chosen to participate in, either Free or Standard. All of this is easily and simply accessible with a simple registration!*

In the “About” section, you have the opportunity to get to know me a little better and understand, as much as possible, who I am and what I do in this field. A quick read of the content is enough to see if you want to continue being here. If you choose to stay, I thank you in advance!

Now, on the right, you will find a “Donate” button. Many times in the past, people wanted to help the development of the page or simply say thank you for my daily contributions over the years. My answer has always been negative, and anyone can verify this. Without wanting to pressure or ask for anything in this field, I simply state that now they can do it officially. I know and you have written to me that it was a heartfelt and conscious gesture, so officially, I have it open for anyone who desires it.

Links to social media and methods of communication are now available everywhere, and I will be happy to assist wherever possible.

In closing, not to tire you, I want to thank you for this opportunity you are giving me, and I promise that I will always strive for the best with the same respect and dedication to the subject matter, as well as to each of you individually. Above all, we are human beings, and then anything else!

That’s it! A first little tour of our new page! And I say “our” because without you, nothing would have been created!

We’ll talk often from now on! So…


*The price of the subscription package is 8€. I did my best, considering the times, to set an indicative and affordable amount for everyone, in relation to what is available out there. By buying a package from me, you are not buying “get-rich-quick” schemes or ways to a lavish life. I am not interested in buying houses and cars at the expense of others. My goal is to make an honest living through my deep passion and dedication to statistics and match analysis, which, by studying them, have been returning to you for years in the form of predictions with success rates approaching 70%. Finally, I want you to know that everything in front of you is 100% legal and has gone through all the checks and procedures appropriate for a website that respects its users and is now officially operating as a business.

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