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Here you will find the unique, but always affordable, subscription package

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When you purchase our package, you are not buying “fixed,” “easy wins,” and “sure bets.” If you are looking for those, you are in the wrong place.






*By purchasing the monthly subscription, you automatically enter a draw for valuable prizes, which will take place EVERY MONTH for subscribers, as a sign of gratitude and reward! The winner will be announced on Instagram at the end of each month.

The Mindset Behind Bet Predictions

My goal has always been to approach games with objectivity and logic. Predictions are given after gathering information, which I personally consider the most important. The form, the motive and a strong home  are the most basic ones, with the internal climate, along with absenteeism and tradition coming second. Weather conditions can have a significant impact on the goal range (Over/Under), due to the condition of the pitch. Clearly, these are not good enough to get the correct results, as there are factors that we cannot intervene in. E.g. red card, injuries etc. We are looking for a spot that contains most of the above, always with value for money, so that we know, at least from our side, that we have tried every possibility and used every information we had, for a pre-game selection.

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