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Responsible Betting

“Let’s start with “what is betting.” The term “betting” refers to a type of gambling game in which a player predicts something about an event or a monetary amount. Betting on sports events is a form of gambling in which a player predicts the outcomes and places a monetary amount on this prediction, with the primary goal of winning. Gambling is a form of gaming that is conducted both in physical betting shops and on the internet.

I would like to emphasize the word “GAME” from the text above. The concept of the game is directly related to entertainment, which, in turn, aims to bring people into harmony with their bodies and souls. All of this can only be achieved through positive emotions, which result from responsible and conscious gaming, knowing from the beginning the chances of winning as well as losing. Any creation of negative experiences leads the player to situations and emotions that they cannot control, resulting in frustration, nervousness, anxiety, and, in our case, addiction and financial loss.

The betting possibilities of each person differ, and they should not be compared in any case. You should wager money that you can afford and are fully aware of the possibility of losing it. We manage our capital, set limits, and rules on our bets. The primary goal is always to enjoy the concept of the game, as it deserves.

BetflixGr, on its part, as a company that respects people, has the duty to inform you and provide you with the necessary guidance for dealing with the problem. If you believe you are at risk and might not be able to control the situation anymore, below you will find some therapy programs, support phone numbers, guides, and information on your next steps!

Enjoy the concept of the game as you deserve!”

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