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Last dance… for now! PART 2 (BEST WIN EVER!!! 6/6, 14.51 ODD & 1/1 BOMB 3.70! TOTAL 53.68!!!!!!)

Hello everyone, with good health!

Considering how the games went in Copenhagen and Manchester, it was impossible for us to achieve something more yesterday. I understood this from your messages, even in those you played on your own.

The last matchday is always peculiar, just like the first, but with a different reason, and we are here to read it again!

A bomb of a group with 6 choices again, let’s analyze them!

Antwerp – Barcelona: Both Teams to Score (G/G) (1.70)

For the price of the weapons, Antwerp, an attacking team, scored in all of its home games and faces the first and typically Barcelona, which will undergo a total rotation! The former wants to bid farewell with a goal and a good performance, while the youngsters and reserves of Barça want to prove that they deserve a spot. After all, they don’t play for a team that has taught them the mentality of giving up.

There is no additional free choice. More predictions & analyses with the purchase of the Standard subscription package.


Logic on the betting tips

My goal has always been to approach the games with objectivity and logic. Predictions are given after collecting information, which I personally consider the most important. Form, motivation and a strong home ground are the most basic of these, as is the internal climate, with absenteeism and tradition coming second. Weather conditions can have a significant impact on the goal range (Over/Under), due to the condition of the pitch. Clearly, these are not enough to get it right in the end, as there are factors that we cannot intervene in. E.g. red card, injuries etc. We are looking for a point, which contains most of the above, always with value for money, so that we know, at least from our side, that we have exhausted whatever chances and information we had, for a pre-game selection.


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