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Hello there!

I am Alexandros aka "Alekaras", as you call me through social!

The page you have in front of you is not just a page of predictions. Its creation in 2019, initially on Facebook and later on Instagram and Twitter, aimed to find motivation and strength in a very challenging period for me. Some know what I’m talking about, some do not. There is  no need to mention it again.

Through this, I wanted to create something different from what’s out there and related to its content, which is obviously about betting. An endeavor associated with vice,
deception, and competition. I tried to connect and convey values I learned from my upbringing and experiences! Values entirely contrary to the words I mentioned earlier!

Many times, the word ‘game’ is used, and before we place our bets, we almost always say, ‘what should I play?’ That’s exactly it! It’s all a game, and that’s how we should see it!

For me “game” means joy, fun, smiles etc.  That’s what I learned as a child. If you look at “gambling” (harsh word, right?) from this perspective, then you’ll understand what I’m trying to say. It makes no sense in life, that it is called gambling, to put us in stressful and nervous situations or cause us any anger or sadness. That ceases to be called “playing” in my eyes.

These are very difficult times. We can’t afford to spend money we don’t have. But if you can spare some of it, then you can help a person in need. If you still have a spare change, to do what you love and to try your luck here, then I’d be happy to try my luck with you! To “play” and enjoy this wild beauty that is sports, and the stakes which they have, that’s the only thing we can understand!

Be kind, good-hearted and above all human! Strive to be the change you want to see in the world! Do what you love, whatever your reputation, whatever people say about you, with a lot of passion! There are no wicked or ugly hobbies, only wicked and ugly minds. They all have their own romance, if you approach them with your truth, from their healthy side. Like betting!

Thank you for being with me all these years! Thank you for your company and for all the good and bad words! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create this site and to try to make a living from something I love! Without you, none of this would make sense! You have my respect and gratitude!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish that betting, whether you hit the ‘jackpot’ or the ‘bucket,’ is your only concern in life, and nothing else!

There are betting pages, and then there’s Betflix! Together, we are a family!

And always remember… in joy and sorrow, together!

With appreciation,

Alexandros aka “Alekaras”

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